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Recovery Services Seminars (YouTube links)

Casework and Recovery Planning Training Resources

Online courses are available 24/7 in the EDGE Learning Management System. Learners can enroll in the course after logging into the system using the appropriate method:
  • Volunteers access EDGE via Volunteer Connection. Once logged into Volunteer Connection, navigate to the upper right-hand corrner and click the link for EDGE. 
  • Employees access EDGE via the Red Cross@Work portal on the Exchange. 
Training requirements by role as of June 28, 2017:
The training resources below are provided to aid in your learning of CAS 2.0 Portals and the DCA model. These links may require you to login to CAS 2.0 to view this content. If you do not yet have CAS 2.0 access, you can request it from the login page.
  1. CAS Training Sandbox allows you to work with practice cases using the updated DCA Model fields and Price List (CAS Login Required)
  2. CAS Training Videos that walk through the most common tasks and changes (No login required)


CAS Quick Reference Guide

CAS Resource Directory Guides

For additional resources related to Casework and Recovery Planning check out the CASEWORK & RECOVERY PLANNING TOOLKIT on the Exchange. You may also contact: 

  • For caseworkers and DAT responders, contact your Disaster Program Manager or your Regional Disaster Program Officer.
  • For Disaster Program Managers, contact your Regional Disaster Program Officer.
  • For Regional Disaster Program Officers, contact your Division Disaster Director.
  • For Division Disaster Directors, contact